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Hello! Here’s a little bit about me...

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“Helping you with my tarot cards”

Hello! Tarot lovers, welcome to my web page.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

My name is Madonna, I am Italian and with my family have been living in UK since the beginning of 2000.

I am a professional Tarot Reader and I have been doing tarot cards reading since the age of 13.

I think, I have inherited this talent from my Rumanian grandmother as she was well known in the small village for reading coffee grounds.

I feel very gifted and I am glad I can use and share this gift to help others.

I am also a Medium. I see and speak with spirits, dead people, ghost whichever you want to call them.

So while you are having your card reading, if you are lucky, your loved one/s might pop in from the spirit world and say “Hi!”. I will pass you valid messages that only you would know.

After the reading, you will certainly feel uplifted, enlightened and most of all knowing where you are heading in life.

So, I am looking forward on helping YOU on finding the right path with my tarot cards today.

Take care, Madonna

©Ciro Marchetti

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